Business Development Services

We believe business relations are one of the most important factors in business. you can have the best product or service, but if you do not present it properly and don’t engage with other businesses and potential clients in a personal level, you will have the hardest time creating a difference and moving forward. Adspace Group’s Business Development Department will take care of all your business relations. Our Business Development services are listed below.

Sponsor Management

Sponsorship Management is the way an organization oversees its sponsorship activities. That is, managing pivotal aspects such as project selection, monitoring and assessment. Investing in sponsorship activities can be risky and unsuccessful if it is not done the right way. At adspace we think in terms of competitive advantage, relevance and coherence and we invest our clients’ budgets in partnerships that are meaningful. This will ensure the brand gets engaged with its target demographic, therefore the potential client will always look at the brand as a business that supports what they support. This is how we create a huge dedicated and loyal customer base for our clients.

Corporate Relations

Sometimes new partnerships between corporations must happen in order to guarantee growth. In order to do this efficiently, the approaching corporation must have a strategy in order to approach in a professional matter to ensure a flawless deal/partnership is made. Our clients find that we are their trusted partner, sharing our expertise, experience and relationships to help them reach the desired outcome. Adspace Group Corporate Relation Management department has a proven track record of success in achieving results even in the most adverse circumstances.

Brand Ambassador Management

There is a chance that there is a famous individual that most of your target demographic follow. Why not get partner up with the individual to represent your brand? We bring existing ambassadors and influencers to the platform, or use our Brand Ambassador’s tools to find and invite new ambassadors to join and scale your team.